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Have a question? Need to get an answer fast? Check out our downloadable High School Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to address all your questions!

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High School Students FAQ

This is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for high school students attending Great Basin College and for their parents.

What is a dual enrollment course?

A dual enrollment course is a course that can, upon completion, simultaneously apply to a student’s high school diploma and toward the student’s Great Basin College transcript.

How do I know if my 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 class is dual enrollment and will count toward my high school diploma?

This decision is completely up to each individual school district. Some of the districts have a list of specific 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 classes that they will accept. Please see our Dual Enrollment webpage. For other districts, speak to the high school principal or counselor to obtain information regarding dual credit options.

Students are also welcome to take courses that are not considered dual enrollment in their district, but they will still need the sign-off from the school counselor or principal.

Can high school students take 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 courses that are not dual enrollment?

Yes, although they will still need to fill out the high school paperwork.

Can a high school student sign up for any classes of interest?

Some classes are open to all students and others have very specific required test scores and/or prerequisites. You may check the course catalog for the most up to date information on test scores and pre-requisite information. 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 currently does not require placement testing for ENG 100 and ENG 101. Please consult with your advisor or counselor for the course appropriate for you. Test scores used for placement into Math and Science classes are the SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer Exam. See our Accuplacer Test page for more information. Be sure to apply to 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 before taking the Accuplacer or sending us your ACT or SAT scores.

How old do I need to be to attend Great Basin College?

We encourage students taking dual enrollment courses to be at least high school juniors, as older students are more likely to be successful. However, with the approval of your high school counselor or principal, a 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 advisor, and passing scores on the English placement exam, high school freshmen and sophomores may also take courses.

Can students younger than high school take 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 classes?

While there may be an occasional zero-credit Community Education class open to younger students, students have to be ninth grade or higher to take credit classes at 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载.

How do I apply to Great Basin College?

  • You only need to apply to 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 one time. For example, if you have already taken Driver’s Education at 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 prior to Fall 2017, you do not need to re-apply.
  • To apply, go to
  • Fill out the form carefully, as this will be part of your permanent record.

What forms do I need to submit?

High school students have a High School Forms Packet to fill out the first time they attend Great Basin College. Please read these forms carefully before signing them. Students should discuss page 1, the High School Permission Form, with their counselor to determine the best courses to take every semester they wish to enroll. (Refer to the course catalog for course descriptions and pre-requisite information.) Page 3 allows 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 to release the student's grades to the high school so it can be used toward the student's high school diploma.On page 4, students and parents sign the Special Admissions Form for High School Students.

Will 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 classes taken by high school students transfer to other colleges and universities?

Possibly. Completed non-remedial courses listed on the student's official 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 transcript are accepted at all Nevada institutions and almost all colleges and universities throughout the U.S. There have been very rare instances when a university has requested additional explanation of a college course completed during high school, but as more and more high school students take college classes, this is unlikely to be an issue. Ultimately, it's up to the transfer institution for what they accept for transfer credit and it is best to contact that institution for more information.

Will my school district pay for classes?

This is up to individual school districts. Most districts will pay for certain specified courses. It is your responsibility to check with your high school principal or counselor to make the determination.

What will I be charged?

In most cases, you will be responsible for the one-time $10 application fee to the college, any classes that the school district is not sponsoring, and the cost of textbooks. At the time of registering, you may also see the cost of the school district sponsored classes on your account, but that should be removed as soon as 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 receives the necessary paperwork from your school district.

For courses that will not be paid for by the school district, refer to our Fee and Tuition page. Please note that during the fall and spring semesters (but not summer), there is a special impressively low rate for high school students enrolled in either internet or interactive video classes.

What are the refund drop dates?

For regular 15-week classes, there is a 100% refund if the class is dropped during the first week and a 50% refund in the class is dropped during the second week. No refunds are given after the second week. For shorter classes, there is a significantly shorter time period for refunds. See the 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 Refunds and Withdrawals Page for detailed information.

I have signed up for my class. What textbooks should I get?

You can find textbook information on the 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 website. You will need to know your course name, number, and section number. At, click on Class Schedule and once you have found your class, click on the book icon by the class in which you are registered. Be careful, because different class sections may require different textbooks. You can also go to the 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 Bookstore website. If you are not able to find your class section in the class schedule, call the Bookstore at 775-753-2270.

Keep in mind that the earlier you get your book, the more likely there may be a used copy available.

Also, in some cases, there may be rental or electronic books available. If you decide to get your books from a source other than the 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 Bookstore, it is your responsibility to make sure you are purchasing the correct edition and ISBN number, and that it will arrive in time for the beginning of your class. There may be other items required for a class, such as art supplies, access cards, or codes.

How does the 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 communicate with students?

E-mail, e-mail, e-mail!

It is critical that you regularly check the e-mail address that you have provided to 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载. To make sure the e-mail, phone number, and other information is accurate, please check your My澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 Student Center. You can update incorrect information in your Student Center, or submit the Student Information Form to 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载.

What is My澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 Student Center and how do I log in?

The My澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 Student Center is a great spot for finding out everything from the current contact information we have for you, to your current schedule and grades received. It is also helpful for obtaining a free copy of your unofficial transcripts (grades!).

Go to, click on “My澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载”, then My澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 Self-Service Center. The 10-digit 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 Student ID number and password are required. Happily, there are phone numbers and email addresses on the log-in webpage for students who have forgotten this information.

Once logged in, first order of business will be checking that we have your correct contact information!

What is a syllabus?

You will be provided with a syllabus at the beginning of all classes. Read it. Then read it again. It contains important information such as test dates, assignment deadlines, attendance policy, contact information, required textbooks and other materials, and other information necessary for you to be successful.

What is 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载’s attendance policy?

You should pay close attention to the course syllabus and discuss any potential attendance problems (due to extracurricular activities, family trips, etc.) with the instructor beforehand. Attendance policies are stricter at the college level, but instructors may try to be flexible if the student makes arrangements before absences.

What if I am doing poorly in my class?

You can withdraw with a grade of “W” during the first 60% of the class. See the 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 Calendar for the drop deadline. A “W” just means that you withdrew from the class; it does not hurt your grade point average. If you do not complete the class with a passing grade, and do not withdraw by the deadline, you will receive an “F”. This is true even if you never showed up (in person or online) for the class a single time.

School district policies vary as to whether they will still pay for the course if you receive an “F” or a “W”. Please check with your counselor.

How are high school and college different?

View the answer to this question along with some excellent pointers on how to study and succeed in college in our 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 College Knowledge series . This information is also available in a Spanish brochure.

As a parent/guardian, how do I get information about my student’s performance?

Ask the student!

When you make the decision to allow your student to attend college, you are indicating that you feel that he/she has the appropriate maturity for a college experience, including handling situations such as disagreements over a grade, not liking an instructor, and being exposed to potentially controversial material.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) mandates that the college does not share a student’s information, even with a parent paying the bill. There is a process by which a student can release information to you, but we encourage you to work out your concerns directly with your student, and trust that he or she will have the necessary maturity for discussions with the faculty member. If you are used to monitoring your student’s high school grades in Power School or other software provided by your district, please be aware that grades for tests, papers, etc., will not be viewable.

Will 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 classes taken by high school students transfer to other colleges and universities?


The completed courses are listed on the student’s official 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 transcript and are accepted at all Nevada institutions and almost all colleges and universities throughout the U.S. There have been very rare instances when a university has requested additional explanation of a college course completed during high school, but as more and more high school students take college classes, this is unlikely to be an issue.

Whom do I contact if I still have questions?

For more information, contact your high school counselor, the 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载 Director of Continuing Education 775-327-5300, or 澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载’s Admissions & Records Office 775.327.2059.

For More Information Contact

Jennifer Brown
Director of Enrollment Services
澳门新甫京娱乐游戏在线下载- Elko, Berg Hall
Phone: 775-327-2079

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